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An Egyptian Coptic Christian teenager kidnapped a month ago by Muslims who claim she?s converted to Islam is being refused direct access to her Christian family, her elder brother near Cairo asserted today.
After Compass Direct claimed Ingy Edwar, a young Christian woman, was kidnapped, AWR made its own research. AWR found no evidence she was kidnapped.
Majdī Khalīl discusses the forced disappearance of Coptic girls. The phenomenon is not new, however it being announced more frequently. Khalīl discusses the reasons why Coptic families are more often daring to announce the disappearance of their girls, and the reasons behind the increase of the...
An encyclopedia entitled “Encyclopedia of Egypt’s Copts” claims that over 50 Christian girls have been kidnapped and forced to convert to Islam in Egypt.
Usama Wadia reports what happened to Ingy Nagy William after the AWR team investigated the reasons of her conversion to Islam. Ingy ran away from her Muslim family in order to get married to her Muslim friend.
Arab-West Report presented the draft text of the findings of its staff to Compass Direct. Compass Direct responded on November 21 with “We consider your condemnation as both unwarranted and unjustified. We stand by the story.” Compass Direct refused to provide further explanations. This made the...
A Christian citizen brought suit against the grand Shaykh of the Azhar on the pretext that he lured his daughter to convert to Islam and to leave her family’s house and stay with a Muslim.
Rose al-Yousuf writes that Egyptian grassroots are not interested in demonstrations of the Kifāya movement. Critique on an article about a Christian family alleging that the Grand Shaykh of the Azhar was involved in luring their daughter to Islam.
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