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The Grand Imam Aḥmad al-Ṭayyib has affirmed that forbidding Christians from eating and drinking during Ramadan is absurd and un-Islamic.
The Vatican News website praised the good relation between President ʿAbd al-Fattāḥ al-Sīsī  and Christians in Egypt. Since al-Sīsī assumed the Presidency of the Arab Republic of Egypt in 2014, he has made several friendly gestures towards the local churches, especially the Coptic Orthodox Church,...
The long history of the Muslim Brotherhood’s violence towards Copts began during the 1950s when they destroyed Coptic homes and churches in Suez [al-Suways] and continued under the Muslim Brotherhood’s rule of Egypt in 2012 and afterwards. 
The Global Fatwa Index (GFI), which is under the authority of the Egyptian Dār al-Iftāʾ and the General Secretariat for Fatwa Authorities Worldwide, presented statistics about Christmas fatwas.
His Holiness Pope Tawāḍrūs II, Pope of Alexandria and Patriarch of the Holy See of St. Mark, visited Sunday the headquarters of al-Azhar, accompanied by a large church delegation to express felicitations for the occasion of ʿĪd al-Aḍḥā. 
Branches of the International Alumni Association of al-Azhar are visiting Egyptian churches to convey their wishes for the Christmas holidays, and express their desire for continued love and affection between the different sectors of the society. Representatives of the Association affirm that Egypt...
Former U.S. President Jimmy Carter emphasized Egypt's role under the new regime in achieving peace and stability in the Middle East and expressed hope that the new Egyptian constitution would meet the aspirations of the Egyptian people.
Also, Mahmūd al-Sharīf, Chairman of the Syndicate of al-Ashrāf (Descendants of the Prophet Muhammad), and Rev. Dr. Andrea Zakī, Director of the Coptic Evangelical Organization for Social Services (CEOSS), sent a congratulatory cable to Pope Tawadros II.
Pope Tawadros II also received congratulations from Shaykh Hāzim Salāh Abū Ismā’īl, the disqualified presidential candidate, and Minister of Culture Muhammad Sābir ‘Arab. 
The 118th pope of the Coptic Orthodox Church denounced forced eviction of Copts in some areas in Egypt, adding he also refuses Copts’ voluntary emigration because “in both situations it is Egypt’s reputation that is tarnished”. 


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