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The article is an overview of Dr. Nabil Luqa Bebawi’s book “The Problems of Copts in Egypt and their Solutions” [The book was covered by AWR in previous issues].
The article discusses the problems of Copts in Egypt in a review of a book by Coptic writer Nabil Luqa Bebawi. The book is titled “The Problems of Copts and their Solutions.”
The article is an overview of Dr. Nabil Luqa Bebawi’s book “Terrorism is not an Islamic Product.”
The author believes that President Mubarak has brought back the good old days of national unity and that the friendship between the Grand Imam of the Azhar and Pope Shenouda is a clear example on that.
Translation but not mentioned if summarized or not. Could it be a summarized translation? Answer yes or no   
“Expatriates and orientalists had a significant impact on forging the Westerners’ image about Islam and Prophet Muhammad. Some of them were fair but others were wearing dark glasses and that is how they viewed everything as dark, the very color of their hearts, alleging Islam is a religion brought...
The Azhar nominated Coptic intellectual, Dr. Nabil Luka Bebawi, for the State´s Prize for his book “Islam Spread by the Sword, True or False?” This prize is considered one of the most elevated prizes that are awarded to intellectuals and researchers.
Christians as well as Muslims felt disgusted because of Rev. Jerry Falwell’s statement against Islam. The author wonders how it is possible that a cleric who is supposed to preach love and tolerance, insults Islam and contributes to what is not Christian.
Dr. Nabil Luka Bebawi has written a book titled “Islam spread by the sword, true or false?” He explains that Islam is innocent of the claim that it spread by the edge of the sword. The Sheikh of the Azhar thanked Bebawi for his book and recommended that the book be translated into many foreign...
Christian researcher Nabil Luqa Bebawi wrote a book titled “The spread of Islam by the edge of the sword between reality and fabrication.” It defends Islam against the accusations of terrorism, and that it was spread by sword. This action indicates the courageous mind, pure heart and sound vision...


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