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Shaykh Ahmad Dīdāt’s video tapes and the television channel of the “lunatic” Zakarīyā Butrus have caused serious harm to Egyptian national unity and led in turn to unfortunate incidents between Muslims and Christians.
Ahmad Deedat, a South African-born Muslim preacher is the author of the famous and controversial book Crucifixion or Crucifiction? His very controversial debates with Revd. James Swaggart in the 1980s are also very well known.
The death of the well-known Muslim dā‘iya [preacher], Ahmad Dydāt, is a great loss to the Umma [Islamic Nation].
Islamic missionary activity has suffered a great loss with the death of the famous preacher, Ahmad Dydāt, known for his tours with Christian missionaries all over Africa, and in particular for meeting with Revd. Jimmy Swaggart. Many missionaries who talked to him decided to convert to Islam.
One of the most common subjects to be mentioned in the Islamic sites on the Internet is the mentioning of the prophet [Mohammed] in the Bible, a subject which has gained popularity due to the efforts of the preacher Ahmed Didat.
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