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Robeir al-Faris reviews different articles in the Egyptian press this month related to Muslim-Christian relations. In particular he mentions a new joint Muslim-Christian Web site and an article that cites the al-Ahrām obituary page to prove that Copts are not being persecuted.
Dr. Zeinab Abdel Aziz, professor of civilization at the Azhar and Minufia universities, devotes herself for the translation of the meanings of the Qur´an into French. She says that language stands helpless before some words of the Qur´an. The four words of the basmala took her two weeks to...
Rev. Jeff Adams was deeply hurt when he realized “how many Westerners, and especially Christians, make off-handed remarks about Islam that merely fuel the fires of passion and deepen the gulf that divides us.”
Dr. Zeinab Abdel Aziz, professor of civilization at the faculty of Arts [university not mentioned], authored a six-part series that was published by the Arabic Book House on the [third] anniversary of the tragedy of September 11. In this article we will review the third part of Dr. Zeinab's series...
Comments on the article of Dr. Zeinab ‘Abdel Aziz in October Magazine in which she attacks Christian faith. Articles like this have a negative impact on Arab-West and Muslim-Christian relations. Dutch Catholic priest Brother Piet Lindner, friend of AWR, passed away.
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