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Karen Armstrong comments on the present world status and calls for dialogue among religions.
The author of the article examines Karen Armstrong’s article, ’The Muslim Prophet Born in Bethlehem,’published by The Guardian a few days ago. In her article, Armstrong denied the existence of a clash of civilizations between Islām and the West and highlighted the exalted position of Christ in...
Muhammad ‘Ashur reviews Karen Armstrong’s book about the Prophet’s Muhammad life.
While the wave of anti-Islam keeps rising in the West and some associate Islam with terrorism, Karen Armstrong, a British writer who specialized in comparative theology, defends the Muslim faith. She is highly critical of Tony Blair’s decision to support the U.S. war on Iraq.
We should not deal with Kosovo crisis as a foreign issue since it reflects a Western attitude towards the Arabs and in particular the Muslims. It is really painful to think how the West has invaded our life.
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