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In an interview with al-Maydān, the head of the Jewish community in Egypt, Carmen Einstein, has denied rumors about disputes over the presidency of Cairo’s Jewish community. Einstein has also denied links with the Jewish community in the United States.
The article reports on the visit the Israeli ambassador in Cairo made to the leader of the Baha’i community in Egypt, during which he allegedly promised to support Baha’i demands for an official recognition of their religious identity.
Jewish Community of Cairo chief Carmen Weinstein dismissed in an interview any link between the Jewish community in Egypt and Israel, adding that Egypt is a safe country and its leader is wise and deals most sagaciously with the Middle East.
Legal experts say the Jews are not entitled to claim compensation for their property in Egypt on the legal grounds that claims must be made within 15 years of the original loss.
The author recounts the history of the Jewish ghetto in Old Cairo and the synagogues in Egypt, as well as the activities of Jews who used to inhabit that ghetto.
The author, in this introduction to a few articles dealing with Egyptian Jews, reviews the influence practiced by the Israeli lobby in the United States on American policymakers, namely through the US Religious Freedoms Committee.
Ihāb ‘Abd al-Hamīd writes that unlike the Jews of pre-1948 Europe, Jews in Egypt lived side by side with Muslims and Christians and assumed positions of influence in a number of Egyptian ministries.
The author comments on the activities of the “Jewish Association of Egyptian Jews,” based in New York. The association works for reclaiming the possessions of Egyptian Jews.
Several months ago Jewish media launched a campaign for the recovering of alleged Jewish possessions in Arab and Islamic countries, including the whole Abbasiya district in Egypt, a great part of the Yemeni city of Aden and villages in Iraq. Mosques and Islamic institutions are already constructed...
Article by Professor Kawthar Bint ‘Abd al-Halīm, a former lecturer in the Faculty of Education in Saudi Arabia rejects Jewish arguments that the Pyramids belong to the Jews.


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