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Dr. Youssef Al-Qaradawi says that the form of Islam needed for globalization is forged and thus rejected. He believes that it is better to use the word “non-Muslims” instead of “kufar” in the Islamic religious discourse.
The Egyptian weekly Akher Saa published a number of articles with the title: “They sow hatred, malice and war.” [AWR, 2003, week 4, art. 26; week 6, art. 33; week 7, art. 37] The ‘they´ in the title refers to Israelis and Jews. Akher Saa lifts out negative statements on Arabs and Islam from Israeli...
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When speaking about the image of Islam, its civilization and followers in Western speech, it should be realized that not a single image is examined, because the West is not one bloc. Islam also does not have one image of unbelievers and the people of the book.
The Jewish Holy Book makes Isaac the hero of the story of the sacrifice and not Ishmael who was the only and firstborn son of Abraham before the birth of Isaac. This is an intended distortion made for the benefit of the history of the Israeli people.
According to Israeli paper Musaf Shabat, the expected demographic changes in Palestine worry decision-making circles in Israel, especially as Jews are expected to account for only 45% of the population. Because the Jews of the former Soviet Union are no longer interested in the idea of emigrating...
Since its foundation, Israel relied on the efforts of American Zionist organizations to prove it is the front-line defense for safeguarding American interests in the Middle East. The author questions the role of Arab and Islamic organizations or the Arab lobby in defending Arab and Islamic rights...
A Palestinian writer says that the slogan of education in Israel is ‘today´s student is tomorrow´s soldier.´ An Israeli researcher admits that the relation between education and the army is against democracy.
Dr. Muhammad Abu Ghadeer, professor of Hebrew literature, has compiled a study on Israeli educational curricula. He gives examples on how Israeli schoolbooks are used to deepen the culture of conflict between Israel and the Arabs and to bring up children on hating whatever is Arab.
Aqidati claims that the Israeli daily Ma´ariv observed that there are many signs indicating the imminent coming of the Messiah: the appearance of the ten lost tribes, occupying Mecca, eliminating Muslim leaders and turning Muslims into slaves for the Jews.


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