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Maariv newspaper has reported on a Jewish girl that converted to Islam within the Green Line (Haytham Sulimān, al-Wafd, Jan. 12, p. 16). 
An Israeli Jewish young woman converts to Islam and faces many obstacles and attacks.
A Jew who converted to Islam and now lives in a cheap Cairo hotel tells his story. He grew up in Morocco, where his father was an advisor to King Muhammad V. He discusses his emigration to Israel and the mistreatment he received from Ashkenazi Jews.
According to Israeli newspaper Haaretz, if the number of Europeans converting to Islam continues to increase, Europe will be an Islamic continent soon. The paper claims that international intelligence agencies reported on the spread of Islam in Europe, stressing their plan to prevent its spread,...
The article reports about a 15-year-old young Jewish woman who receives her education at a religious school affiliated to an organization called “Youth of Zion.” She declared herself a Muslim in public and wore the veil.
The author recounts the stories of five Jewish Israelis who converted to Islam, and the difficulties they met after conversion, as they are published in full details in an Israeli newspaper.
In this article the author reviews the conversion experience of a Jew who converted to Islam
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