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His Holiness Pope Tawāḍrūs II, Pope of the Coptic Orthodox Church, denied that the Church had handed over the two monks accused of killing the head of the St. Macarius Monastery [Dayr Abū Maqār], bishop Epiphanius [Ipīphāniyyūs], as a scapegoat for their execution.
The North Cairo Criminal Court punished Michael Fahmī in the case of indecent assault on six girls, with life imprisonment, and acquitted his wife Sally of the charge. Fahmī deceived and lured the girls to his residence and his private clinic to forcibly assault them sexually by deluding them that...
The Alexandria Criminal Court has sentenced the defendants, Nāṣir and ʿAlī al- Sāmbū, to 25 years in prison for killing Coptic citizen Ramsīs Hirmīnā and injuring two others.
The Cairo Appeals Court has received the case of Michael Fahmī and his wife, who are accused of sexually assaulting six underage girls.
The Egyptian Court of Cassation affirmed a ruling by the criminal court calling for the execution of Aḥmad Saʿīd Ibrāhīm al-Sunbāṭī for the murder of Father Samaʿān Shiḥāta Rizq Allāh.  This ruling is now final and no longer able to be appealed. 
On Thursday December 17, the Minya Criminal Court acquitted the three defendants who had stripped naked an elderly Coptic Christian woman, Suʿād Thābit, known in the media as "Lady of al-Karam. The three men had been previously sentenced to ten years each in absentia by the Minya Criminal Court in...
The Minyā Criminal Court announced that it had referred the case of Suʿād Thābit, otherwise known as the “woman of al-Karam,” for a second time to the appeals court of Banī Suwayf , so it can be reviewed by another circuit.
On Wednesday, Egyptian authorities carried out the execution of terrorist Hishām ʿAshmāwī after he was convicted of committing several terror-related crimes among them being targeting prominent figures and civilians and carrying out the bombings of several security facilities.
The Minyā Criminal Court sentenced three people, accused of stripping the clothes off a Coptic woman in May of 2016, to ten years in prison.  The court sentenced the defendants in absentia, since they did not respond to the court’s attendance notification.
Some American circles are circulating amongst themselves claims related to the imprisonment and death of the dual American-Egyptian citizen Muṣṭafā Qāsim, saying that he was exposed to a mock trial and therefore it bears responsibility for his declining health.  However, the Interior Ministry...


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