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Al-Usboa still writes about the freedom of press following the detention of its editor-in-chief and his brother. The paper is praising the Journalists Syndicate for criticizing the detention. The law that makes such detentions possible is criticized.
The four papers comment on the issue of the freedom of press in Egypt in light of the detention of Mustafa Bakri, Editor-in Chief of Al-Usboa, and his deputy Mahmoud Bakri.
The editor-in-chief of Al-Usboa and his deputy [his brother] have been put in prison to serve a one year sentence. They have been convicted in an action suit brought against them by the former president of the Justice Party and chairman of Al-Watan Al-Arabi newspaper, accusing them of defaming him.
Despite modifications to the press law, there are still cases of journalists who are threatened with imprisonment and articles in the law which restrict freedom of the press.
The author suggests in this article that the government is targeting the independent newspapers because their professional performance has disclosed the "national" press and stirred public opinion against corruption.
The review deals with a court ruling against Mustafá Bakrī, the editor-in- chief of al-Usbū‘ newspaper, sentencing him to six months in prison for "slandering Hishām Tal‘at," when he accused him of falsely claiming to be a journalist and issuing his newspaper Misr al-Fatāh without prior...
The Court of Cassation confirmed that the one-year jail sentence of the Editor-in-Chief of Al-Usboa and his brother is appropriate, as it is obvious from the articles they wrote that they defamed the former leader of the Justice Party.
The article is the text of a message said to have been sent by Dr. Saad Eddin Ibrahim to Mustafa Bakri and his brother in the prison. Bakri says that Ibrahim sent him a message to express satisfaction at his imprisonment. He adds that Ibrahim did not forget the comments of Bakri on his case.
The Cairo Criminal Court ordered a temporal staying of the sentence handed down to Mustafa Bakri, Editor-in-Chief of Al-Usboa, and his deputy and brother Mahmoud Bakri, till deciding on the petition they have submitted to the General Prosecutor. It also ordered them an immediate release.
Some 200 Egyptian journalists staged a sit-in at the headquarters of their syndicate on August 21, to protest the imprisonment of three of their colleagues and call for the abrogation of laws they said stifle press freedom and inhibit free speech.
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