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The vegetables market established on the sidewalk of the Press Syndicate prevented, the day before yesterday, the Minister of Education Dr. Yusrī al-Jamal from attending a celebration held for praising the journalist’s outstanding students sons.
In an attempt to symbolize their financial difficulties and unemployment, dozens of journalists protested against the government’s decision to close Muslim Brotherhood affiliated newspaper, Āfāq ‘Arabīyah by posing as vegetables and drinks sellers on the sidewalk of the Press Syndicate.
The author reports claims that Muslim Brotherhood member Dr. Rashad Bayoumi’s attack on Jamāl Mubārak, the president’s son and head of the NDP Policy Secretariat, in the paper ignited the crisis of Āfāq ‘Arabīya and that Safwat al-Shariīf, head of the Supreme Press Council has covered the...
The governmnet seeks to thwart the Muslim Brotherhood’s plan to publish newspapers promoting their political platform.
The journalists of Āfāq ‘Arabīya have staged a sit-in at the Syndicate of Journalists demanding the republication of the suspended paper and its freedom from the control of the Muslim Brotherhood.
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