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The Egyptian press reports on the expected demonstrations that are going to be organized by Coptic expatriates during President Mubārak’s expected visit to the White House.
The article reports on the inauguration ceremony of Michael Meunier’s new foundation ’Hand in Hand for Egypt’ that has been approved by Egyptian authorities.
Drs. Hulsman provides a detailed description of Muslim-Christian relations in Egypt, and a history of Coptic problems, stemming from their own actions and outside influences.
Sawt al-‘Ummah printed an interview with the chairman of the British Coptic Association while answering an invitation by al- Jazīrah TV channel. He explains Coptic activities abroad, and stresses the Coptic intention to establish an “International Coptic Council,” similar to that of the Jews.
The article tackles the long-running problem of constructing churches in Egypt.
In an interview with the author, the head of the U.S. Copts Association, Michael Meunier, discusses his future political plans in Egypt.
An interview with Michael Munīr, member of the Republican Party in the U.S. and controversial Coptic activist who is visiting Egypt.
Gohara´s comments are yet another example of how US Coptic activists contribute to a poisoned atmosphere. They certainly do not help their fellow Copts in Egypt with such comments but it does help them to create an image among fellow Coptic emigrants to the West as if they are the only one´s who...
The article sheds light on how the Jezira TV and some emigrant Copts, such as, Michael Mounir tried to exploit the incidents of Beni Walmis to give the impression that Egypt suffers from sectarian strife. The author described both the Jezira TV and Mounir and his group as provokers.
Dr. Milad Hanna (77), a much respected Coptic thinker and politician in Egypt who was awarded the UNESCO Simon Bolivar prize for his efforts in intercultural dialogue, was severely attacked by some Coptic activists in the Copts Daily Digest after his visit with Dr. Kamal Abul-Magd to Washington DC...


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