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 The Ministry of Endowments agreed with Dār al- Iftā yesterday to form a joint committee that include members of the Ministry and the Dār and all the agencies of the Azhar in order to respond to religious allegations and doubts
While the Holy Land is preparing to receive the tourists of the new millennium with religious celebrations and hanging of Christ’s pictures, Israel has prepared in another way. It had prepared psychiatric teams, specialized in facing the large numbers of tourists expected to suffer from a state...
With just two months to go before the start of the new millennium, Israel is bracing itself for an influx of Christian cranks, who at best see the date as heralding the return of the Messiah and the Last Judgment and at worst are suspected of wanting to hasten these events.
A group of 25 Christian pilgrims who were barred from Israel and Cyprus arrived at the mainland Greek port of Piraeus on Thursday and were allowed to enter the country, port police said.
Hundreds of wealthy Beirutis, harkening to the appeal of their Sufi Muslim mystical leader, are moving to the mountains to avoid "catastrophes" as the millennium approaches.
The world in which we live has two ends. The first end had practically occurred on the day of collapse of the Nazi Germany at the end of the Second World War. The second end of the world will occur "suddenly" when the most devastating and most savage third world war erupts because it, at its most...
Strange religious and non-religious groups with very strange and potentially dangerous ideas concerning the dawning of the third millennium after Christ are beginning to be become known. This article is a summary of an article downloaded off the Internet (from California Net).
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