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Mustafá Muhammad, one of the Nubian activists, stated that he has officially submitted proposals to the Constituent Assembly requesting them to add a text including the phrase, “to return properties to their original owners in case the reasons for their reclamation has ended […].” This text comes...
Nubians in Suez have requested the dismissal of the Prime Minister, Minister of Interior and Aswan Governor and its Security Director and to investigate their responsibility in the tribal clashes that took place in Aswan and led to more than 25 deaths.
Many Nubians still speak their language that dates back to ancient times and handed down historically through the generations.
On the other hand, the General Nubian Club in Cairo on Tuesday (June 19) finalized a draft document containing the Nubians’ demands to give to the new Egyptian president. “The document is about to be officially announced after sending it to the Nubian leaders and coalitions in the Upper Egyptian...
'Awād Fathī Khalaf, founder of Nubian Brotherhood Group in Nasr Township of al-Nūbah in Aswan Governorate, said that the goal from establishing the group is to unify Nubian demands and escalate it to President Muhammad Mursī. "We as a group welcome all sects to join including people from Upper...
Watani interviewed Muhammad Zarie a human rights activist who is the head of the Arab Penal Reform organization.
Dr. Ahmad Sokarno writes about the Nubian issue and the campaign organized by Rose al-Yūsuf.
The article discusses the author’s view of how Egypt will change over the coming years, and how these changes will affect the minorities in the political and social spheres.
The author criticizes the idea of establishing a Nubian university, and defends the Nubians against accusations of being racists and bigots.
The Nubians express their loyalty to the Egyptian government and denounce the conference of minorities in the Middle East organized in Switzerland by Coptic expatriates.


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