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The article deals with the Fourth Forum of Arab Reform at the Bibliotheca Alexandrina. This forum brought together a number of prominent Arab and international researchers who discussed a wide range of topics related to improving the social, economic and civil society welfare of the people in the...
Youssef Sidhom looks forward to a new year dedicated to national reconciliation, and equal citizenship rights.
Dr. Ahmad Sukarno ‘Abd al-Hāfiz comments on recent rumors that Copts and Nubians are planning to separate themselves from Egypt and to establish their own states.
The author discusses the three levels of flagrant inequality between Copts and Muslims in terms of their citizenship rights, arguing that though the situation is dismal, great efforts must be made to correct imbalances between Christians and Muslims.
Odette Skandar, a Christian entrepreneur and president of Egypt and Middle East Company, was chosen to be recognized as one of The Leading Women Entrepreneurs of the World.
One of the most successful businessman in Egypt [a Copt] is interviewed, specifically about his viewpoint on the Religious Minorities Law legislated by the U.S. Congress. "Those who accuse us of collaboration with the U.S. are ignorant and jealous."
Speaking about accepting one another.
The author is highly critical of this Coptic human rights activist.
Pope Shenouda the third crowns Bishop Philip the first Patriarch of Eritrea.


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