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For six years, the Egyptian government has been working to carry out a national plan so that Egypt can become an international religious tourist destination since it stands alone in the number of unique Christian artefacts and plays a pivotal role in the Abrahamic religions.
Pegged to the Deir Abu-Hennes affair Youssef Sidhom writes about arbitrary changing of names in Egypt.
Yūsuf Sidhum enjoys his holiday in Germany, where he finds urban planning and especially location of schools, infinitely superior to the situation in Egypt.
The Ministry of Economic Development in Egypt prepared what it called the “map of poverty” in which the 1000 poorest villages were identified. The government is discussing the possible ways to fight poverty and develop the villages.
Watani presents an overview of the crisis surrounding a plot of land allocated to the church in Marina.
The re-allocation by the local governorate of a parcel of land purchased by the St. Marina Church has caused much controversy. This article discusses the details of the reallocation, as well as efforts by Coptic protesters to stop government construction of a road on this piece of land.
Mustafa Abdel-Qader, Minister for Local Development voiced in this interview the same opinion as in Al-Ahram. "A solution for the problems in Al-Kosheh depends on the political dimension, development and respect for the law." The interview concerned development in general and included Al-Kosheh....
At a press conference in Al-Kosheh Dr. Mohammed Ibrahim Suleiman, Minister for Housing, and General Mustafa Abdel-Qader, Minister for Local Development and General Ahmed Bakr, Governor of Sohag, and other dignitaries talked about the government development of Al-Kosheh village as a model village...
... There were a good number of people with interests - inside and outside - messing with many things, and dealing with what happened in Al-Kosheh as spoils to be taken, even if they had to start more fires in it!
The minister of local development, Mr. Mustafa Abdel-Qader, declared that the peacemaking committee in Al-Kosheh is working towards four principal targets: 1. Delivering any criminals, be they Christian or Muslim, to the prosecution services. 2. Confronting any false rumors. 3. Aiming to educate...


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