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On Friday, Dr. Khālid al-ʿAnānī, Minister of Tourism and Antiquities, held the grand opening of the Shālī Fortress and Aghūrmī Mosque in Siwa Oasis [Wāḥat Sīwa] in Maṭrūḥ governorate, after finishing renovations as part of the project to revive the historic village of Shālī.  
For six years, the Egyptian government has been working to carry out a national plan so that Egypt can become an international religious tourist destination since it stands alone in the number of unique Christian artefacts and plays a pivotal role in the Abrahamic religions.
Archeologist Dr. ʿAbd al-Raḥīm Rayḥān, general director of Research, Archaeological Studies, and Scientific Publishing for the archeological sites in southern Sinai, confirmed that pilgrimage to the sacred Ṭūwā Valley in Sinai began when St. Helena, mother of Emperor Constantine, went on pilgrimage...
Egypt's Tourism Minister Dr. Rāniyā al-Mashāṭ participated in a discussion session entitled “Global Initiatives for Empowering Women and Closing Gender Gaps in Job Opportunities” as a part of the World Economic Forum’s Sustainable Development Impact Summit held during the period from 23 to 24...
In Bulgaria,Egypt’s Minister of Tourism al-Mashāṭ signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with her Bulgarian counterpart Nikolina Angelkova to strengthen bilateral relations and contribute to the development of the tourism sector in both countries.
Minister of Tourism Dr. Rāniyā al-Mashāṭ spoke at the closing session of the World Economic Forum on the Middle East and North Africa. The forum was held on the 6th and 7th of April in the Dead Sea region of Jordan.
A decision has been made to appoint special officers to join the departments for the protection of propriety, event management and the Tourism and Antiquities Police in order to investigate the harassment of women. This is to ensure an appropriate environment for reporting and investigation of...
Judge Muṣṭafā Alham, Governor of Luxor, met with the delegation of the Italian Catholic Church, headed by the Italian archbishop Luigi Vari, accompanied by Bishop ʿAmānūʾīl ʿAyyād, Luxor Archbishop of Coptic Catholics and the coordinator of the visit.
The Undersecretary of the Coptic Orthodox Diocese of Turin and Rome, Fr. Theophilus al-Siryānī, participated in the celebration of the blessing of the icon of the Holy Family Journey to Egypt by Pope Francis held in the Vatican in coordination with the Egyptian Ministry of Tourism.
With the deteriorating conditions of tourism, Egypt has decided to revive the program of the Holy Family’s Journey to Egypt and turn it into an integrated tourist program.


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