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Monk Georgios Al-Samueli praised the wisdom, kindness and nobility of President Mubarak. He expressed the opinion that while the world is fighting and using destructive machines to destroy and knock down, he is building and calling for peace and fraternity.
Brotherhood members believe that Mubārak was once a member of their group and another member affirms that Mubārak’s uncle was a member of the Brotherhood.
Tharwat Fathy examines the freedom of journalists in Egypt, given that last month, a Cairo court sentenced Abdel-Nasser al-Zuheiri, a journalist with al-Masri al-Youm, to one year in prison.
Mustafā Mahmoud illustrates the importance of the latest visit of Mubārak to the Vatican, and states the stances of the Vatican towards the Palestinian cause, terrorism, and the offensive cartoons.
For the first time, President Mubārak pays a visit to the Cathedral, to attend the funeral of a prominent Coptic politician.
In this article, Rihāb al-Shāzlī publishes the comments of a number of political and civil society activists on their dialogue with the US Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice during her last visit to Egypt. Their statements focused on government corruption and reform in Egypt, as well as political...
Adler addresses the election victory of Hamās, and also the prevalence of Islamic movements across the Middle East. He notes that their prime goals are political, rather than religious, and that they have had a major impact on the status quo of Middle Eastern geopolitics.
The author said that expatriate Coptic activist ‘Adlī Abādīr has announced the launch of a satellite channel to criticize the unfair status of Copts in Egypt and Pope Shenouda’s support for Mubārak in the presidential elections.
Mustafa Bayyoumī criticizes al-Dustour newspaper and its editor-in-chief Ibrāhīm ‘Īsa for what he calls "attempts to irresponsibly incite the masses by seizing any occasion, good or bad, to stir sentiments against the government", describing al-Dustour as a "school of journalistic adolescence."
The author offers a brief a review of a television program that hosted a number of Muslim and Coptic figures discussing several critical issues.


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