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Idrāk [Edraak] Foundation for Development and Equality released a report about violent crimes against women in Egypt, which indicated an increase in violence against women in 2020 as a result of the Coronavirus.
The Da’wah al- Salafiah has accused members of the Muslim Brotherhood of attacking one of the mosques belonging to the Da’wah al- Salafiah in Tanta, Gharbia governorate (Sa’īd Higāzy, al- Watan, August 7, p . 3).  
Meanwhile, Dr. ‘Azzāzī ‘Alī ‘Azzāzī, the governor of al-Sharqia, said the Easter is a glorious occasion in the hearts of all Egyptians, Muslims and Christians alike, adding nearly a year after he was appointed as governor of al-Sharqia he has been working on nipping in the bud any attempts to...
This article sheds light on a celebration held in Zaqāzīq for the new Zaqāzīq and Minia al-Qamh’s bishop, Thymothous who was warmly applauded and who stressed the love, fraternity, and tolerance among Muslims and Copts.
Nabīl Zakī analyses human rights violations committed by Egyptian police.
The author says that the death of Ahmad Abu Tālib in December 2005, in Kafr Salāma village, al-Sharqīya Governorate, has turned into a sectarian sedition that ripped through the whole village when Muslim families took to the streets, calling for revenge, and driving Copts out of the village.
48-year-old Muhammad Hasan Abu Tālib, an employee at the Drinking Water Authority at the Mīnyā al-Qamh Center, al-Sharqīya Governorate, is claimed to have been battered to death in a fierce fight with four Christian neighbors, ‘Alā’, Sāmī, Zakī and Wā’il. Locals fear that the incident could...
The crackdown on the Muslim Brotherhood continued as the prosecutor-general extended the detention of 20 alleged Brotherhood activists, arrested two weeks ago, by another 15 days pending investigation.
Following the spread of the rumor of appearances of the Virgin Mary at the Coptic Orthodox Church in Al-Minya Al-Qamh, Al-Sharqeyya Governorate, Pope Shenouda called for an investigation. The committee concluded that there have not been appearances.
A brief overview of the Governorate of Sharqeyya and its people. It is the birth place of Ahmed ’Orabi1 and of many important notables of Egyptian society. Located at Egypt’s north-eastern frontier, it has been the only route for invading Egypt from the East since the days of the Hyksos. It has...
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