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Diyā’ Rashwān, Secretary General of the National Committee for Press and Information Legislation, announced that the unified law of press and information and the law of canceling the imprisonment in publishing cases will be handed over on Monday morning to Prime Minister Sharīf ʾIsmāʿīl after the...
Dr. ʿAlī ‘Abd al- ‘Aal, the Speaker of the House of Representatives, expressed his great appreciation for the work of the parliamentary editors in conveying the activities of the Parliament to the public with all impartiality and sincerity.
Al-Ahram organized a seminar on the sidelines of the discussion sparked by the draft bill on the unified law for the regulation of press and media. The seminar featured prominent Egyptian journalist, media figures and political analysts who also contributed to the formula of the draft bill. 
The Head of the Press Syndicate, Yahyá Qallāsh, said that the Syndicate is in a race against time for the completion of the unified press and media law. The law will then be submitted to the government before it is sent to the parliament in less than two weeks. 
A list of articles on the recent controversial press law from a variety of Egyptian news sources.
A few days ago, the Shūrá [Consultative] Council discussed a draft law on amending some articles of the penal code pertaining to publication-related cases. A large number of journalists staged a sit-in in protest against the proposed amendments, describing them as a setback to the freedom of...
The fifth term of the People’s Assembly has come to an end. Its last sessions tackled a sundry of political issues, which signal a real political change the country is to witness during the coming period. Most important is the need for a law that prohibits the imprisonment of journalists
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