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Interviewers: Quinta Smit, Eline Kasanwidjojo, Jayson Casper Language of interview: Arabic (original interview), English (presented transcript)  Interpreter: Jayson Casper Transcript: Quinta Smit Approval: Requested and no objection received   This transcript of an interview with Ihāb Shīhā...
The author explains the trap set by the Muslim Brotherhood in the latest incidents of Lebanon and he accuses them of seeking only their interest regardless of the impact on their country’s interest.
The Committee for the Affairs of Political Parties refuses the establishment of al- Wast, a party based on the principle of equal opportunity.
This article reports criticism from a key figure of the Centrist Party against Shaykh Yūsuf al-Qaradāwī for his attacks on Shī‘ah and on Syrian President Bashshār al-Assad who had attacked the position of Arab leaders on the Israeli war on Lebanon.
The author tries to find out the real reasons behind the withdrawal of six Coptic members from the Wasat party, the matter that marked the end of the party.
Abu al- ‘Alā’ Mādī, founder of the Wasat Party, harshly criticizes the Egyptian government for not licensing his party, arguing that the government is not after political reform.
The fatwa of Dr. Mohammed Selim Al-Awa, Dr. Youssef Al-Qaradawi and others which allows American Muslims to take part in the American attacks against Afghanistan was described by some people as a new crusade. It contradicts the other fatwas, each of which relies on some religious, political and...
The author quotes the Wasat Party leader Abu al-‘Ilā Mādī as accusing the government of seeking the termination of his party through coordination with the Muslim Brotherhood.
The writer interviews Abu Al-Ela Madi, Deputy of the founding members of the Wasat Party. He discusses Islamic movements, anti-terrorism campaigns, explains religious extremism, and the project of the Wasat Party.
Muslim Brotherhood group has stirred up a storm of controversy in the Egyptian street over its future form of relationship with the incumbent political parties.


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