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Watani interviews one of the founders of the political party Misr al-Umm, which was recently denied a license by the Administrative Court because its platform clashed with the Egyptian constitution and the sharī‘ah due to its emphasis on secularism.
A recently held conference has discussed the idea of establishing an active secular movement in Egypt.
A recently held conference in Egypt about the establishment of a secularist approach to politics has stated that democracy requires secularism.
The author urges all Egyptians, particularly Copts, to join a secular movement that can stand against religious fundamentalism and guarantee the establishment of sound democracy.
There are arguments among the Copts about the call for the Misr Al-Umm [Mother Egypt] Party by some intellectuals who claimed that secularism respects and deepens national unity. But Coptic intellectuals emphasize that national unity has nothing to do with the principles of that call, which is...
The author of this article strongly opposes the article published in the last issue in which Dr. Hassan Hefni called for forming political parties based on religion. According to the author of this article, forming political parties based on religion is a dangerous call that leads to the...
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