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In the United States, "dramatic" shifts and changes in American society and politics are affecting Jewish Americans and Israel, according to a study published by the National Security Research Institute at Tel Aviv University last week.
Human Rights Watch stated that the dispersal of Rāb'ah sit in was one of "systematic and widespread" killing of least 1,150 protesters, by the security forces, amounting probably to the level of crimes against humanity.  
14 men sentenced to execution and 37 others to imprisonment, accused of being linked to the Muslim brotherhood organisation which is believed to ‘have political motives’.  This decision has been deemed to be ‘totally unfair’ by the human rights watch who oversee affairs in the Middle East and North...
Egypt's workers played a major role in the surge of protests that swept across the country in the 2000s, leading to the undermining and eventual fall of the regime of Husni Mubārak in 2011. Despite subsequent regime crackdowns on domestic dissent, the independent labor movement continued its...
Winners of seats in parliament include minority populations that achieved great success compared to previous elections, including Coptic Christians, who won a total of 36 seats representing 6 percent of parliament.
The author writes about the frustration people feel at officially imposed changes of the street and place names with which they are familiar.
The author sheds light on issues that were represented in the annual conference of the Center for Social and Criminal Research. Researchers discussed issues related to Muslim-Christian relations and sectarian strife, in addition to other social matters.
The following presents an interview with Muhammad Hashem, owner of the Merit Publishing House.
Subtitle:- Shubra only has 15 groups.- They consider music and statues a sin and writers and thinkers the soldiers of the devil.- Members are young people primarily from the poor classes.- Secret meetings for the members and strange rituals for new members- They say that the men of the church...
SAT7 is also only concerned with broadcasting Christian material, but a number of famous Coptic artists have refused to have any relation whatsoever with the channel.


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