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Dr Sāmī Fawzī, Archbishop of the Episcopal/Anglican Church of Alexandria, participated in joint theological dialogue sessions between the Anglican Church and the Eastern Orthodox Churches around the world through a Zoom meeting.
On Monday, Major General ʿIṣām Saʿad, Governor of Asyūṭ, met with Archbishop Nicolas Henry, the Vatican’s Ambassador to Egypt and representative of His Holiness Pope Francis. Archbishop Nicolas Henry visited some churches in various districts of the governorate, and met with Muslim and Christian...
The Monastery of Saint Bīshāy in Sūhāj , also known as “The Red Monastery”, welcomed today, Jonathan Cohen, US Ambassador with the American Aid official and the director of the American Research Center in Egypt (ARCE).
For six years, the Egyptian government has been working to carry out a national plan so that Egypt can become an international religious tourist destination since it stands alone in the number of unique Christian artefacts and plays a pivotal role in the Abrahamic religions.
The Cultural Dialogue Forum of the Coptic Evangelical Organization for Social Services organized the seventh round of American-Egyptian dialogue in participation with Hands along the Nile Development Services (HANDS), the United Church of Christ, the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ), the...
The association of Opera Romana Pellegrinaggi, the one responsible for promoting religious tourism at the Vatican, has denied all rumors that the Vatican has stopped its trips to Egypt for pilgrimage and for the Holy Family's route when announcing its catalogs for tourism.
The Archdiocese c of Russian Orthodox Churches in Western Europe supported joining the Moscow Patriarchate through a general assembly vote, however the decision has not yet been ratified, according to a statement by the Archdiocese on Sunday, September 8th.
This article discusses the third annual Coptic Studies Symposium at the University of Toronto (U of T), and its importance. 
Minister of Youth and Sports Dr. Ashraf Ṣubḥī met with a delegation of German youth led by Dr. Rev. Tharwat Qādis, Chairman of the International Academy of Dialogue, at the Civic Education Center in al-Jazeera.
Bishop Kīrillus Āfā Mīnā, Bishop and Abbot of Saint Mīnā Monastery in Alexandria, issued a decision suspending Monk Athanāsiyyūs who is delegated to the spiritual service in the USA pending investigation by the Monastic Affairs Committee.


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