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Salafīs have refused to implement the decision of the Ministry of Endowments which prohibits preaching of those who are not imāms.
Journalists, intellectuals, and public figures called to change part of Article 98 in the press law, during a conference entitled “No To Inquisition” in the Press Syndicate on Tuesday.
No sooner did the authorities issue a decision to reopen a number of churches which had been closed by the former security apparatus than a crisis erupted—one in a long line of attempts to hijack the 25 January Revolution by forces opposed to democracy, freedom, and citizenship rights. Among the...
Should the One Thousand and One Nights be banned? A Cairo conference debates the issue. A number of Lawyers submitted a request to have the latest edition of the Thousand and One Nights banned because they viewed it as immoral. Intellectuals and cultural figures rally against this ban, upset by the...
Al-Yawm al-Sābi‘ interviews Lt. Muhammad Sha‘rāwī, Governor of Beheira
The author reports on the banned book, ‘Al-I‘jāz al-‘Ilmī fī al-Kītāb al-Muqaddas’ [Scientific Miracles of the Bible], which explains the scientific facts and discoveries in the Bible.
The Azhar women students were obliged to remove their niqāb inside exams halls. Men were duly not allowed in the halls regardless of their positions.
This article sheds light upon some legal experts’ denunciation of two legal organizations’; the United Group and the Andalus Centre, which appealed to the attorney-general to confiscate some Islam-disdaining, superstitions and spurious hadīths-replete books.
At a gathering at the Bibliotheca Alexandrina Arab writers denounce censorship and restriction of freedom of expression.


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