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Rose al-Youssef has taken upon itself to confront two recent, suspicious, religion-related phenomena. One is the new breed of Shaykh preaching in private homes. The other is the hypocritical defense of Islām in the face of a wave of offending literary works. There is now a third phenomenon...
Sobhi Mansour and Rashad Khalifa said in one voice that everyone who says that Mohammed is the prophet of God is an apostate. According to al-Ahrar Sobhi Mansour said that Al-Azhar is the castle of the devil.
In this issue Al-Ahrar presents black pages from the life of the lying prophet and other pages from the life of his repentant representatives Sobhi Mansour and Rashad Khalifa.
The writer says that the issue of intercession was settled by scholars a long time ago. He also stresses that this intercession is for Muslim believers only.
Sheikh Al-Qaradawi discussed the opinions of Dr. Mustafa. He agreed with him in some of his opinions, but he disagreed with him in most of them. At the end of his discussion, he asked Dr. Mustafa to discuss his opinion with Muslim scholars and he will surely change his opinion.
Among the leading opponents to what Dr. Mustafa Mahmoud is saying about the non-existence of the intercession of the Prophet Muhammed and the rejection of the Sunna is Dr. Ahmed Omar Hashem, president of the prestigious Azhar University. In this interview with Al-Musawwar he tried to answer all...
Whenever there is any dispute about a religious matter, all the people will be waiting for the opinion of Al-Azhar or its fatwa [legally binding opinion] concerning this matter. This will relieve people of their doubts. But when the Azhar keeps silent... then who will answer?
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