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At a gathering at the Bibliotheca Alexandrina Arab writers denounce censorship and restriction of freedom of expression.
The highly-publicized trial of Lebanese singer and Arab icon, Marcel Khalife, accused of insulting Islam for putting Qur’anic verse to music, has highlighted one of the most controversial issues in Lebanon -- the role of religion in politics. Khalife’s trial, scheduled to have opened last week, has...
The controversial trial of Lebanese singer Marcel Khalife, accused of "insulting religious values" in one of his songs, was postponed until Dec. 1, before it opened Wednesday, defense lawyers said.
The criminal prosecution of an internationally-known Lebanese singer is a blatant violation of his right to freedom of expression, an international human rights group said on Tuesday.
Lebanese intellectuals organized a meeting in support of Lebanese singer and composer Marcel Khalifeh on 5 October, which rapidly turned into a mass rally of 1,500 people demonstrating in favor of freedom of expression. Khalifeh had been the object of a court indictment accusing him of...
Undeterred by charges of blasphemy that could land him in jail, singer Marcel Khalifa on Tuesday publicly sang the controversial song that critics claim insults Islam.
Senior Lebanese Shiites on Monday demanded the lifting of a Sunni Muslim ban on a song by leading performer Marcel Khalife, accused last week of insulting Islam.
The head of Lebanon’s Sunni Muslim community has said he was behind moves to put musician Marcel Khalife on trial for "abasing" Islam in one of his songs, a London-based Arabic-language daily reported Sunday.
A prominent Lebanese composer and singer has been formally accused by an investigating judge of insulting Islam. Judge Abdul Rahman Shihab demanded the imprisonment Marcel Khalife from six months to three years for (allegedly) insulting religious rituals by using the chapter of Yusif from the Holy...
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