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A Dutch tourist residing in the city of Hurghada declared that he had converted to Islam and changed his name to Sīsī in reference to Egyptian President ‘Abd al-Fatah al- Sīsī. The tourist says the President led him to Islam despite him lacking religious affiliation before. The tourist held a...
An article discussing a British youth, who converted to Islam, and is being questioned by police in connection with a suburban bomb factory.
Sābir Mashhūr interviews Shaykh Khalīfah ‘Izzat, Imām of the central mosque in London, about the number of people embracing Islam in Britain in light of the attempts to tarnish the image of Islam in the West.
Yvonne Ridley is a 48-year-old British journalist best known for her capture by the Tālibān and subsequent conversion to Islām. After she was released, Ridley spoke to the Western press about the Tālibān’s treatment of women and the respect she received from her captors.
A study entitled, ‘Angst-ridden Germans Look for Answers and Find them in the Qur’ān,’ published by German magazine Der Spiegel revealed that the number of Germans who converted to Islām has increased fourfold in comparison to the previous years, despite the negative perception of Islām among the...
Who won the battle, those who sought to modernize Islam, or the militants? The author discusses integrating Islam into society in the West, and questions which cultural community will be forced to sacrifice values for the sake of integration.
Yūsuf Islām has started to sing again in an attempt to bridge the gap between the civilizations.
The author comments on the conversion of famous American figures to Islam.
In his article, ‘Abd al-Khāliq Husayn presents examples of Western Christians converting to Islam and the reactions of their families and countries. He then compares this to similar conversion situations in Muslim countries.
A research team from Georgetown University in the United States has published a new encyclopaedia of the Qur’ān in five volumes. The encyclopaedia permits researchers of Islamic studies to figure out concepts, places names and personalities mentioned in the Holy Qur’ an.


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