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Al- Qā’idah attacked the US Embassy in San’ā with a rocket according to a Yemeni unnamed diplomat.
Al-Ahrām reports Wednesday that Arab media have given major attention to the interview granted to the paper on Monday by Habīb al-‘Ādlī, the Egyptian Minister of the Interior, in which he revealed information about the attack on the Church of the Two Saints in Alexandria on New Year’s Day.   It...
Diyā’ Rashwān, a researcher at al-Ahrām Center for Political and Strategic Studies, gives special attention in al-Shurūq to the stylistic features of the terrorist attack outside the Two Saints Church, Saint Mark and Pope Peter in Alexandria. According to Rashwān, the bombing carries the...
With the tensions that have escalated between the West and the Islamic world since the September 11th attacks, foreign governments have advocated for a reform of religious education in Muslim-majority countries.
The article discusses rumors of terrorist attack on Cairo’s underground, and the heightened security measure that have been implemented to potentially prevent such an attack.
The author discusses trends of political Islam and terrorist attacks in the West. He questions why British Prime Minister Gordon Brown has not stated that Muslims worldwide should condemn terrorism.
The author discusses the increasing trend of radical Islam. He comments on how it is in actuality doing more damage to the Arab world than it is helping it.
Rose al-Yousuf magazine has recently been astonished by two successive statements: the first by the Jihād organization issuing a death threat to writer Sayyid al-Qimnī if he does not renounce his thoughts and writings, and the second by al-Qimnī himself announcing his renunciation of all the...
Egyptian best selling author and Rose al-Yousuf columnist, Sayyid al-Qimnī, was reported to have received a death threat via e-mail signed by the name of Abu Jihād al-Qi‘qā‘, who is believed to have links with the extremist Islamist group Qā‘idat al-Rāfidayn.


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