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Dr. Andriyya Zakī, head of the Evangelical Coptic Church in Egypt and social services, said that the church, which does not respect its youth, does not give them the first place, is "a church with no future".
Bishop Dāniyyāl, Bishop and Abbot of Saint Paul Monastery in the Red Sea, confirmed that all the losses caused by a fire last night at the monastery's headquarters in Hadā’iq al-Qubbah area are material and there are no casualties.
The Coptic Orthodox Church have criticized the Coptic movements that have announced its attempt to nominate names on the Nūr party lists.
The Coptic Orthodox Church is preparing for a new phase in its plan to address atheism, by deploying one of its sacristans living in the United States of America. 
The Eparchy of Banī Swayf celebrated the inauguration of the Cathedral of the Two Martyrs Mār Mīnā al-ʿAjāʾibīand Abānūb al-Nihīsī in New Banī Swayf city. 
Following the 25 January Revolution, many Coptic social movements were formed. These movements have challenged the hierarchical clerical order of the Coptic Orthodox Church, its Pope, and Bishops. Turning against such hierarchy, whose congregation is the biggest among the other Christian dominions...
Max Michel Hanna, a Coptic bishop who founded the St. Athanasius Church separately from the Coptic Orthodox Church, demands the Supreme Council of the Armed Forces (SCAF) to recognize his legitimacy and his new church as an independent one.
Bishop Max Michel Maximus issued a statement criticizing Bishop Bīshūy’s recent controversial statements. He said that Bīshūy’s views on Islam are merely his own and not the Bible’s because only those who act like Christ can talk on behalf of Christianity. Najīb Jabrā‘īl announced a conference to...
This article mentions a few things concerning Archbishop Maximus; namely his 3 month trip to the United States, and the temporary closing of his TV station.  
Copts celebrate Christmas in Egypt, and in Switzerland they offer their condolences to the family of ‘Adlī Abādīr. In between, Max Michel announces Christmas surprises.


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