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The family of Coptic citizen Nabīl Ḥabashī Salāma (62 years old) learned of his death at the hands of the Islamic State (ISIS) after a video of his execution by shooting was published online today.
The Coptic Orthodox Archdiocese in Port Said [Būr Saʿīd] issued a statement thanking President ʿAbd al-Fattāḥ al-Sīsī regarding the Christians of al-ʿArīsh, who have been forced to leave their homes in al-ʿArīsh and move to other governorates to live.
General ʿĀdil al-Ghaḍbān, governor of Port Said [Būr Saʿīd], caused a crisis for the displaced Copts from al-ʿArīsh, who have been living in the governorate since 2017, after informing families that he will no longer be paying for the money that helps them pay rent. Despite the number of displaced...
The Coptic Street [community] witnessed several events during the past week… We follow the most prominent of them in the proceeding article. 
Watch...Naguib Jibra’el: “Rami Jan” does not represent Copts The counselor Naguib Jibra’el [Najīb Jibrāʾīl], head of the organization of Egyptian union for human rights, has emphasized that the fugitive Journalist Rami Jan [Rāmī Jān] , who  frequently appears the Muslim Brotherhood’s Media channels...
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