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In the aftermath of the brutal assassination of Palestinian American Aljazeera [al-Jazīra] reporter Shireen Abu Akleh [Shīrīn Abū ʿĀklih] (May 11th 2022) by occupying Israeli military forces in Jenin, our British friend William Morris, cofounder and Secretary General of the Next Century Foundation...
Orthodox Rabbi Moshe Peleg responded in questions and answers with Cornelis Hulsman to the article of Dr. Nājiyya ʿAbd al-Mughnī Saʿīd, vice president of the Egyptian Moral Rearmament Association (EMRA) about the death of Palestinian journalist Shireen Abu Akleh [Shīrīn Abū ʿĀklih]. Please read Dr...
Archbishop ʿAṭāllāh Ḥannā of the Greek Orthodox Church of Sebastia clarified today that anti-Zionism is not anti-Semitism. “We reject anti-Semitism, and we reject all kinds of racism in all its forms, especially when it is done in the name of religion,” he said.
The “antisemitism” accusation has expanded in the world. With the support of the west, the Zionist lobby has been working for years to equate the accusation of antisemitism with every criticism and call for accountability for the Israeli occupation state.
Over the last few decades, comparisons have continuously been drawn between Israel and its policies and the system of South African apartheid.
The General Secretariat of the League of Arab States condemned in the strongest terms the aggression of the Israeli occupation authorities against the holy al-Aqṣā Mosque and its deliberate escalation of tensions to divide it spatially and temporally.
The Israeli-Gaza conflict is part of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict which is a conflict fueled by conflicting ideologies and beliefs. Many religious Zionists base their political claims on Biblical prophesies such as Amos 9: 8-15, which promises the restoration of Israel. How can one read a text...
Egyptian mediation has played a pivotal role in reaching a cease-fire in Israel and Gaza, with Egypt putting all of its political weight behind the negotiations. These efforts finally culminated in the implementation of a ceasefire at dawn on Friday.
In an interview with Ḥussām al-Dīn al-Ḥaddād on “Good Morning Egypt,” Dr. Muḥammad ʿAbd al-Faḍīl Shūsha, governor of North Sinai, revealed Egypt’s latest preparations to support Palestinians, provide for Gaza’s needs and treat the injured.
The Egyptian people and government’s solidarity with the Palestinians is much more pronounced and powerful than it was in previous Israeli assaults on Palestinians.


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