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The American Coptic Association has expressed concern towards a statement issued by more than 31 states with regards to human rights violations in Egypt.
A no-confidence campaign launched against the U.S. Copts Association has sparked a wide debate in Christian circles inside and outside of Egypt, as it emerged that said Association, as well as other Coptic entities abroad, do not officially represent the Copts or speak for their causes.
The American Coptic Commission delegation highlights the economical and political support to Egypt and their refusal of the proposal drafted by a congressman about church reconstruction in Egypt.
This article outlines the inception of an international Coptic Parliament, which is currently lobbying for support and international recognition. This will allow Copts to have a voice on the international level of politics and society.
Pope Shenouda will not assign Bishop Bimen to assume control of the Luxor Bishopric and the security advised lawyer Mamdūḥ Nakhlah not to organize a demonstration.
al-Dustūr newspaper interviews Michael Munīr, head of the US Copts Association.
Subtitles:A meeting between the members of the Coptic Federation and Netanyahu in the U.S.AThe emigrant Copts ignored the mysterious federation and boycotted it.Jewish financial and political supportThe Egyptian cultural counselor in the U.S.A calls emigrant Copts and clarifies the picture.Osama...
President of the U.S. Copts Association, Michael Munīr, has been severely criticized over his recent visit to Egypt and his meeting with a number of top officials. A number of expatriate Coptic activists have seen Munīr’s visit as "an act of betrayal of the Coptic cause.” Others have regarded the...
Walīd ‘Urābī writes on the recent visit of Coptic activist Michael Munīr to Egypt.
Meunier, the leader of the U.S. Copts Association, recently visited Egypt and met with authorities. Members of the associated are angry that he did so without their involvement and claim that he had no right to speak for their organization or for Copts in general. He refutes their claims.
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