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Father Ibrām Imīl, papal deputy in Alexandria, said that Pope Tawāḍrūs II has concluded his visit to Alexandria following Palm Sunday mass at the Virgin Mary Cathedral in Bashāʾir al-Khayr 3 in the al-Qabārī district in the western part of the Alexandria governorate.
Pope Tawāḍrūs II celebrated the Palm Sunday Mass in the Church of the Transfiguration in the monastery of Saint Bīshūy in Wādī al-Naṭrūn without the faithful audience.
Anba Takla, the Bishop of Dishna of the Coptic Orthodox Church, wrote his latest article in the journal Al-Keraza on the dealing of Christ with the paralytic, who led him to the life of repentance and righteousness, in his article entitled "Sunday of the paralytic”, one of the Sundays of the Lent.
Anba Bimin, Bishop of Naqada and Qus, presided over a Mass celebration of "Palm Sunday" in the Church of Martyr Mar Jirjis and Theban legion in Jarajus.
During the Sunday Mass, the Palm Sunday has been celebrated with the Incense Chapel. The priest lit the incense in front of the altar and then lit the cross and the icon of the Palm, decorated with palm fronds and flowers, reciting the chapters of the cycle known as the cycle of the Cross.
Egyptian columnist Fāṭima Nāʿūt writes: Dear reader, did you walk in the streets of Egypt yesterday and notice the vendors everywhere selling green palms, waiting to be braided? Did you park your car there to buy some palm leaves for your children so they can braid them and give them to their...
Yesterday morning, Coptic Orthodox Pope Tawāḍrūs II led the Palm Sunday Mass in the Church of the Blessed Virgin Mary at the northern coast. He thanked the audience and remembered the martyrs of the terrorist attacks of Tanta and Alexandria on last year’s Palm Sunday.
Egypt’s Ministry of Interior prepared for the upcoming Palm Sunday, Holy Week, and Easter to secure and update exceptional security measures.  
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