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  Between September 1 and 6 an Egyptian non-government delegation visited the Netherlands. The Reformatorisch Dagblad interviewed Emad Awny, the Coptic member of this group, and asked about the position of Christians in Egypt today.  
In accordance with scheduled sessions to listen to witnesses in the trial of ousted Morsi, the Cairo Criminal Court listens today to the witness, Maj. Gen. Mohammad ´́Amru Wahbi, Chairman of the Administrative Control Authority ACA.
President Dr. Muhammad Mursī denounced offending the Prophet Muhammad and stressed in a presidential statement that the Egyptian people, Muslims and Christians, reject the discrediting of religious symbols.
Egyptian Church expressed their relief for the sppointment of presidential advisors consisting of four advisors and 17 members of the consulting body to President Muhammad Mursī.
Dr. Muhammad Mursī, the Muslim Brotherhood’s Freedom and Justice Party (FJP) candidate in Egypt’s first post-revolution presidential elections, said 15 international corporations are ready to pump $200 billion when Egypt becomes stable. [Hajjāj al-Husaynī, al-Ahrām, May 1, p. 4] Read original text...
Eng. Ahmad Shihātah [Freedom and Justice Party FJP] in Sharqia said that a conciliation has been made between one of the traffic officers and the son of Dr. Muhammad Mursī, FJP's President. Read background information about the incident on AWR [Reviewer's Note: Text has no link on the internet]


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