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Dr. Ahmad al-Tayīb, Grand Shaykh of the Azhar, said he would visit the church of the Two Martyrs in Atfih April 16, 2011 to congratulate Copts on the rebuilding of their church.
Dr. Muhammad Badī', the Murshid [Guide] of the Muslim Brotherhood Group, praised the role of the Armed Forces played in mollifying a fitnah tā'ifīyah in Sūl village of 'Ātfīh in Helwan governorate. He said that this fitnah was sparked by the former regime and the State Security Agency to abort what...
Investigations continued into the events that occurred in al-Muqattam area, which resulted in the killing of thirteen civilians and wounding one hundred and forty others. Many Christians' homes were burned in the area as well as a number of storages which residents use to store garbage materials.
Egypt's army said it started yesterday (March 13, 2011) rebuilding a church that was set ablaze last week in the village of Sūl. The rebuilding began as thousands of Coptic protesters continued their sit-in outside the Egyptian Radio and Television Union for the ninth day in a row. The Supreme...
  More than one thousand protesters, Muslims and Christians, gathered in-front of the Bibliotheca Alexandrina Tuesday evening for a second day to condemn the attacks against the church of Two Martyrs in 'Ātfīh.  
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