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Fr. Yūwāqīm, Coptic Orthodox Bishop of Isna and Armant, has taken a pastoral visit to the Holy Land. He was accompanied on his journey to Jerusalem by several fathers and priests.
On February 12, the Coptic Orthodox diocese of Northern Germany contracted to purchase a building in the city of Nordheim to be a center for the Coptic Orthodox Church.
The Coptic Orthodox Church’s first official response said, in a statement on Saturday, that he had been cut off from its service for more than 18 years.
Ambassador Nabīlā Makram ʿAbd al-Shahīd, Minister of State for Emigration and Egyptian Expatriates' Affairs, congratulated Fr. Angelos Saad [Anjīlūs Mikhāʾīl Saʿad], pastor of the Coptic Orthodox Church “Virgin Mary and St. Athanasius Church” by naming the city’s famous Fallingbrook park after him...
Fr. Barnābā, Bishop of Rome and Turin, held a ceremony in honour of Ambassador Hishām Badr, the Ambassador of Egypt in Rome, with his term coming to an end, at the headquarters of the Coptic Church, in the presence of a group of priests, officials from the embassy and a large number of members of...
On Sunday, September 26, Ambassador Aḥmad Abū  Zayd, the Egyptian ambassador to Canada, participated in a celebration held by the Missisauga City Council to honour Archpriest Anjīlūs Saʿad,  pastor of the Coptic Orthodox Church “Virgin Mary and St. Athanasius”. 
On Monday, August 30, Canadian police released a statement announcing the arrest of a 35-year-old woman named Kathleen Panek, on August 26.  The police charged her with arson in connection with a fire that destroyed the St George Coptic Orthodox Church in British Columbia, western Canada.
Bishop Daniel of Sydney is now subject to a police investigation following allegations of serious fraud within the church.
Why do we often talk about Copts and the 1952 Revolution? Was the revolution at that time against the Copts as a religious sect, as if we still lived in the Ottoman confessional system? Was the revolution against the interests of the feudal and capitalist class of the Copts alone?  Do we measure...
Ambassador Nabīla Makram ʿAbd al-Shahīd, Minister of State for Immigration and Egyptian Expatriate Affairs, met with His Grace Bishop Joseph, General Bishop for Africa, to discuss strengthening cooperation and coordination within the framework of ‘Egypt’s Voice in Africa’ initiative.


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