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Several Arab governments, specifically in the Gulf, are having a tough time dealing with the results of the American presidential elections as their favored candidate, Donald Trump, lost to Joe Biden, whose policies are expected to be more critical towards them.
A number of doctors in the Munira [al-Munīra] Hospital in Cairo threatened to resign after the death of the doctor Walīd Yaḥiyā who had been tested positive for the Coronavirus but did not receive sufficient treatment. Yaḥiyā’s death is not an individual case.  Within the last 24 hours four doctors...
Today’s press overview is tackling a “weird” so-called fatwá sanctioning the killing of opponents of President Muhammad Mursī, made by Shaykh Hāshim Islām, a member of the Azhar’s fatwá committee. In his religious opinion, Islām considered the opponents as “khawārij [Kharijites which means...
Constitution expert Ibrāhīm Darwīsh, however, said the decision was a grave mistake committed against Egypt and ran counter to the constitutional legitimacy the president was sworn in.  
Eng. Abd al- Mun’im al- Shahāt, spokesman of al- Da’wah al- Salafiyah, who issued an earlier fatwá that democracy is religiously prohibited,  stated that we select al-Sīsī, out of concern for sharī’ah  and that no political pact was made with him.
The General Council for Sufi Orders has decided to hold the elections of its supreme board next Thursday May 15 based on a decision of Prime Minister Ibrāhīm Mahlab.
Anonymous sources stated that the committee assigned to draft a new parliamentary elections law is about to give 90% of the seats to individuals and 10% to the parties. 
Religious political parties in Egypt are in a state of anticipation.
The conflict between Salafīs has escalated in intensity to the extent of making accusations of treason. 
  Sabrah al-Qāsimī, general coordinator of the Moderate Front (an Islamist initiative to combat extremist Islamism thought) that supports al- Sīsī’s bid for presidency , said that the front's religious committee is preparing a project named “Revisions of thought” to include all Islamist parties -...


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