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The historical facts state that unlimited polygamy was the rule since ancient times. The concept of unmarriageable persons started with mother then sisters until it reached 14 relatives in the holy Qur’ān.
Before referring the draft of the Law Regulating the Personal Status to the People’s Assembly, President Hosni Mubarak held a meeting to ensure that the rules of Islamic Shari’a canonical were met in the draft. In the deliberations of the Azhar on the new draft there were disagreements, however, on...
The Legal Research Committee of the Azhar issued a number of recommendations and decisions concerning the Urfi and Misaar marriages. The committee made it clear that such marriages are considered legal if a number of conditions, mentioned in the full text, are met.
[Report presented to the New York Council of Churches] The history of seven girls mentioned in the advertisement is described. That description is followed by listing the reasons for conversion and recommendations for human rights workers, the church and the government. The text is open for...
The minister of justice has announced new restrictions on the marriage of Egyptian women to foreign men, many of whom are Saudis. But the proposal has come under fire from many quarters. It could push men to seek an Urfi marriage.
The unprecedented rise in the number of Urfi marriages among university students has prompted the Islamic Research Academy to condemn the practice as illegitimate. However, if all Urfi marriages become illegal (haram) as stipulated in the statement made by the IRA, this could block one of the most...
Al-Azhar pronounces ’urfi marriages - legal but often temporary unions - criminal.
Arguments are given against orfi marriage from an Islamic point of view.
Mohammed Sayed Tantawi, Sheikh of the Azhar University, discusses several religious issues with the students from the University of Alexandria in a meeting with them during their summer camp.
Islamic Sharia has nothing against women nominating themselves for public office and voting said the Grand Mufti Nasser Farid Wassel.


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