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The article reviews a four-article series published in the daily al-Ahrār on a recent book by Max Michel Hannā – known as Bishop Maximus – on his personal experience with leaders of the Coptic Orthodox Church, as well as his so-called reformatory tendency.
Hānī Labīb reviews a book by Max Michel. Labīb refutes the ideas mentioned within and considers the book to be evidence of Michel’s deviation from the right path.
Al-Bāz discusses the increasing number of Christian converts to Islam in Egypt. He presents the church’s opinion and provides numbers, although their authenticity has been called into question.
Shīrīn Rabī‘ reviews a book entitled, ’Anbā Maximus wa-Rū’yah Jadīdah li-al-Islāh’ [Bishop Maximus and a new Vision of Reform], believing that the book opens fire on Pope Shenouda and refutes his thoughts.
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