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Minister of Education Ahmad Jamāl al-Dīn Mūsá and British ambassador to Egypt James Watt agreed that Britain will be providing technical support for the Egyptian Professional Academy of Teachers, and a school for talented students in science and mathematics. Mūsá also praised the British Council...
 Al-Misrī al-Yawm received the main features of the program of Hizb al-Hurīyah w al-'Adālah [Freedom and Justice party], the Muslim Brotherhood group are trying to establish.  
[According to “A Basic Dictionary of Islam” by Ruqaiyyih Waris Maqsood, Al-Khawarij are the people who dissented from the religion and disagreed with the rest of the Muslims]
The author discusses whether Sheikh Muhammad Ibn Abdel-Wahab, the founder of Wahabism, called for a new school in Islam or simply agreed with the imams of the four main schools. He gives a background on the ideologies of each school to conclude that there is accordance in everything between the...
Interview with Sheikh Mahmoud El-Hanafi, who is said to have interpreted a woman´s dream on the TV program "Ro´a" as to mean the imminence coming of the awaited Mahdi
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