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The Coptic Museum is organizing a number of lectures on Sunday, July 31 and Tuesday, August 2, entitled "Means of Lighting in Coptic Art and Antiquities".
In a message confirming the unity of the Egyptian people, a number of Christian representatives in the House of Representatives were keen to congratulate Egyptians on the advent of the Islamic New Year.
Dr. Mabrūk ʿAṭiya, professor of Islamic Sharia at al-Azhar University, is again raising controversy because of his statements about Jesus Christ, which some considered as mockery of Jesus.
A video of Dr. Mabrūk ʿAṭiyya, professor of Islamic law at al-Azhar University, was spread on social media, in which he talked about the Sermon on the Mount. However, the video, which was a response to journalist and TV host Ibrāhīm ʿĪsā, was shared as a mockery of Jesus Christ.  The circulating...
Mabrūk ʿAṭiyya mocked Christ saying he is not a ‘sayyid’ (venerated leader) as most people refer to him.
Dr. Mamdūḥ ʿUthmān, Director General of the Museum of Islamic Art, and JīhānʿĀṭif, Director General of the Coptic Museum, inaugurated the temporary exhibition titled “A lantern, and an oil lamp”. The exhibit was established as part of a cooperation between the two museums.
Al-Azhar issued several scientific books to confront contemporary atheism, and others explaining the concept of freedom and its scope with scientific evidence and conclusive proofs, which consolidate correct understanding. these books are available to the public in the Azhar pavilion at the...
The Bibliotheca Alexandrina held a seminar under the title: "The Egyptian Family House", within the framework of the cultural activities accompanying the 17th round of its annual Book Fair.
Egyptian journalist Ibrāhīm ʿĪssā tweeted on his account following the threats that he received from al-Qāʿida, quoting the Quran, sura at-Tawba (09:51) “Nothing will befall us except what Allah has decreed for us.”
The Evangelical community Leadership in Egypt received the land allocated to it in the first phase of the New Administrative Capital, with an area of ​​4,000 square meters in the block of embassies and ministries of ​​the Egyptian state. This land was allocated to build a church for the Evangelical...


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