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Cindy Lee Garcia, an actress who claimed that she was deceived into appearing in the film denigrating the Prophet Muhammad, which sparked large-scale outrage in the Arab and Muslim world, lost a lawsuit for the second time to force YouTube to remove the movie. 
The State Council’s Administrative Court under Counselor Ḥasūna Tawfīq adjourned to the February 2 session a lawsuit filed by Nubian activist al-Rūbī Jumʿa, who seeks obliging the Minister of Information and the National Company for Satellites (NileSat) to launch a Nubian-language TV channel.
Arabs must turn their eyes on Egypt and stand by this country that has been blessed by the three divine religions as Egypt was mentioned by name in the Old and New Testaments as well as the Qur’ān several times. 
The new patriarch of the Coptic Orthodox Church, Pope Tawāḍrūs II, will hopefully be the spiritual extension of several eras of the church since it was first established and until the year 1971, when Pope Shinūda III was selected as the patriarch of Alexandria.
Former member of parliament Jamāl Zahrān said in 2007 the People’s Assembly (parliament) took four months to amend Article 34 of the constitution amidst debates, dialogues and objections, criticizing a vote over a whole constitution in one or two days as “void and illegitimate”. 
The Washington Post said just hours after an Islamist-dominated assembly approved a new national constitution Friday morning, tens of thousands of protesters began pouring into Taḥrīr Square to say they objected to nearly everything about it.
 Amnesty International (AI) said that a draft constitution approved by Egypt’s Constituent Assembly falls well short of protecting human rights and, in particular, ignores the rights of women, restricts freedom of expression in the name of protecting religion, and allows for the military trial of...
Human Rights Watch (HRW) said that the final draft of a constitution approved on November 29, 2012, by Egypt’s 100-member constituent assembly protects some rights but undermines others.  
Rajā’ī al-Mirghanī, a coordinator of the National Coalition for the Freedom of the Press and the Media, warned of loose drafting of an article on the establishment of a national press organization in the final draft constitution, adding the incumbent minister of information, Ṣalāh ʿAbd al-Maqṣūd,...
The churches, who had come together on rejecting the final draft constitution by a constituent assembly, said they would not seek any mobilizations of Copts to vote “No” or boycott a referendum over a draft constitution after their representatives quit the constitution-writing panel.


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