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The Jordanian Minister of Endowments invited Amr Khaled to give lectures in Amman. Despite the attendance of Queen Rania at one of his lectures and the royal reception made for him, radio and TV channels ignored his visit. Jordanian papers attacked him and accused him of causing harm to Islam.
Extremists try to propagate their ideas inside campuses and among students. They want to separate male students from female students in lecture halls. They tell the girls to put on veils and to avoid wearing trousers.
Criticism of Amr Khaled and some of the ideas he preaches. The author believes there is no scientific or mature way of thinking in his teachings, as some people claim.
The Sheikh of the Azhar approves that women can be judges, muftis and members of the Islamic Research Institute. He stressed that cloning human beings is impermissible. He believes that God may have given Amr Khaled the gift of preaching or perhaps people are impressed by his new way of addressing...
An Egyptian dā‘iya was sentenced to 15 months of imprisonment for writing a book deemed as a violation to the constitutional rights of women in Spain.
Egypt’s outlawed Muslim Brotherhood said it was disturbed by the trial of key activist Wagdi Ghoneim in the United States, after a fresh charge of antagonizing U.S. policies was added to the bill of indictment.
Amr Khaled, the well-known da’iya [a man who call for Islam,] has succeeded the banned Omar Abd Al-Kafi on the preaching pulpit of the Al-Seid club mosque and soon afterwards became very popular.
More than 11 million Muslims have emigrated to Europe during the past half-century, most of them from North Africa and Turkey. Four million North Africans settled in France, three million Turks in Germany and the rest in Spain and Scandinavian countries.
Contrary to what many people think, the phenomenon of the new preachers has not emerged during the past four or five months in Egypt.
New Islamic preachers are not Azhar graduates. They have not studied religion as it should be studied. Yet, they turned into social stars with the help of the media. The question is: why could the Azhar not generate preachers who would be welcomed by the public and who would lecture the youths in a...


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