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The grand muftī of Egypt has issued a fatwa saying that statues are harām, but Egyptian intellectuals have taken an opposing stand, defending the art of sculpture.
The article is a critique of the Grand Muftī ‘Alī Jum‘ā, who has dedicated a permanent section on Dar al-Ifta’a’s website to attacking journalists who criticize what the author calls the muftī’s weird fatwas.
The author explains the concept of “Religious fundamentals that are known by necessity,” especially as it used a lot against any one who brings about a new ijtihad.
The author reports an incident happened ten years ago about an American Jew who was caught in one of the mosques of Assiut. He was recording the preaching of the sheikh and taking some notes because he was preparing an important study on the effect of the Friday Sermon on worshipers. The author...
The writer gives an elaboration of the core of the true Islam and how preaching could be carried out in the right way. He supports his ideas through the Qur’an and Hadith.
An overview of the conditions of Muslims in the US and Canada before and after the attacks of September 11.
The policy of boycotting Western products led to a commercial use of Islam. Iran could be considered the first country to professionally pursue what is called the “Islamization” of Western products.
Muslim and Christian men of religion argue against cloning human beings
Nothing competes with the fatwa-issuing business in Egypt. Television, newspapers and the internet are stuffed with fame-craving shaykhs wrestling with differences in opinion about religious issues.
Al-Līwa’ al-Islamī interviewed Muhammad Abu Layla, professor of Islamic studies at Azhar University. Many issues concerning Islam were discussed.


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