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  No one exactly knows what the rulings of the sharī’ah are. Are they the Qur’ān and the original Sunnah? Are they the sayings and teachings of the old scholars? If they are the sayings of the old scholars, then what doctrine should be in use – the Hanafī, Mālikī, Shāfi’ī or Hanbalī?
The constituent assembly writing a new constitution for Egypt is facing collapse from within as less 48 hour after civil parties and movements suspended their activities the representatives of the three churches announced on Friday (November 16) withdrawal in protest over certain articles in the...
Today’s overview deals with the successful efforts by a conciliatory commission to settle the sectarian unrest between Muslims and Christians in the Giza district of Dahshūr in incidents that gripped the nation during the past couple of weeks.
The author refutes the declarations of Sāwīris, the Coptic baron who has been quoted as saying, “If you insist on planting cactus, do not be alarmed when thorns cut your hands and they start to bleed,” the author addresses Sāwīris.
Sahar Tal‘at reports about incidents of sectarian strife in a preparatory school in Egypt.
Hudá al-Masrī interviews Hanā’ Hamzah, the first nurse to take off the niqāb.
Al-Shaymā’ ‘Abd al-Latīf reports on Jamāl al-Bannā’s book about Muslim women and the hijāb.
This article deals with the hijāb crisis in the Franciscan Sisters School in Cairo. The father of student Nashwa Muhammad Jamīl has complained to the minister of education that the school forces students to not wear the hijāb. On the other hand, the school’s administration claims that Nashwa was...
An evangelical priest known for her extreme defense of Islam wrote a book that discusses the debate about hijāb and Muslims’ rights in Western communities.
The following lines present a review of the special file published by al-Ahrār highlighting the national and international reactions to Dr. Zaynab Radwān’s calls to make the testimonies of men and women equal in courts and to give a Jewish or Christian woman the right to inherit from her Muslim...


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