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Asharq al-Awsat reports that the statements of Hirsi Ali against Islām were seen by members of Muslim communities as a trick, deployed in order to gain asylum. Dutch journalist Eildert Mulder, who interviewed Ali, does not believe that this allegation is true
Several students at the Faculty of Fine Art think that art in general, and sculpture in particular, is harām and accordingly they are trying to spread their ideas to influence the rest of the students.
Rose Al-Youssef´s special file for this week covers many different subjects: Terrorists and Islamists living in Britain, Sheikh Amr Khaled´s way of preaching, Islam and politics, the role men of religion can play to build up societies and the issue of hijab in Islam.
Sheikh Youssef Al-Qaradawi called for more demonstrations against the Israeli practices in Palestine, as demonstrations are a form of jihad. He added that no ruler has the right to prevent a Muslim from martyrdom or fulfilling the requirements of jihad. The rulers who prevent jihad are beyond doubt...
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