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The article reports on the spread of Niqāb-clad women in society.
Yusrā Zahrān, reviews an article published in the U.S.-based McClatchy on November 28, 2007, that was entitled, ‘Self-appointed enforcers of Islamic law spread influence in Egypt,’ which discussed the eye-catching phenomenon of ’morality squads’ or the groups of Muslims seeking to enjoin the right...
The author, Asmā’ Nas...
Last week’s Egyptian press tended to reflect on the reasons behind and potential consequences of the eye-catching phenomenon of Niqāb-clad women prevailing in all classes of society.
For the third consecutive week, Rose al-Yūsuf magazine discusses the thorny issue of the spread of Niqāb among different classes of the Egyptian society.
The following text presents a number of the most popular Islamic Dā‘iyahs in the modern time.
The article presents a personal impression of a trip to Dayr Abū Ḥinnis, and includes discussions on Muslim-Christian relations and church building.
The author records changes that have happened in Egyptian society, wondering about reasons that prompt Egyptians to abandon all the features of their own culture, traditions and even patriotism.
For the second consecutive week, Rose al-Yūsuf continues its campaign against the phenomenon of Niqāb-clad nurses in governmental hospitals. The magazine highlighted the stance of the Egyptian minister of health toward the issue.
Rose al-Yūsuf magazine devoted a 15-page file to discuss the recent ’fearful’ phenomenon that spread like wildfire in governmental hospitals where a high percentage of nurses turned to wear the Niqāb.


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