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Grand Shaykh of the Azhar Dr. Aḥmad al-Tayyib said commitment the teachings of heavenly religions should help solve major problems facing humanity in this age.
Priest Philopater Jamīl of the Virgin Mary Church in ‘Izbit al-Nakhl area, northern Cairo, did a hatchet job on the regime of President Muhammad Mursī and accused him and the Muslim Brotherhood over a channel relaying from the United States of involvement in a bombing attack that targeted the Two...
Senior leader of the Islamic Reform Front Organisation,ʿAmr ʿAbd al-Shakūr ʿAmir, said the main reason for the end of good relations between al-Jamaʿa al-Islamiyyah and the Islamic Community, is because the Jamāl Hishmat [Gamal Heshmat] is attacking Assim ʿAbd al-Mājid (member of Shura Council)...
Dār al- Iftā’ has assured that the core of democracy embodies the basic principles of Islam politically in selection of rulers and attaining shūrá (consultation) and resisting injustice. This is the core principle of Islam and this is neither apostasy nor a hated matter as some claim   
Sheikh Sharīf al-Hawārī, member of the al- Da'wah al- Salafīah  shūra “advisory” council, announced his support for the police reports filed against outspoken non-observers of Ramadan.
Leading figure in the Jamā’ah Islamiyyah and member on its Shūra “Advisory” Council, ‘Abūd al-Zumur continues his attack on the Muslim Brotherhood in an article titled, ‘Guidelines on Evaluating the Experiment’ published on an online news source yesterday.
Sources close to the Muslim Brotherhood stated that a number of members of the group started requesting internal elections for the guidance bureau and the shūrá council of the group in order to change the current leaders of the group. 
After a few members of Muslim Brotherhood attacked Dr. Yāssir al-Burhāmī during his walk in the Prophet’s Mosque in al- Madīnah al- Munawarrah [Saudi Arabia], anger prevailed over Salafi circles. 


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